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Emax Link Abbreviated Switchgear | Breakthrough Switchgear Platform

ABB is pleased to announce the release and availability of the Emax Link. As a UL1558 recognized product, the Emax Link abbreviated switchgear follows the ABB global vision of products providing advanced solutions to meet the stringent demands of today’s manufacturing environment.

The Emax Link is designed to capitalize on the versatility and functionality of the world renowned Emax low voltage power circuit breakers. The Emax is designed and constructed to provide superior power distribution, protection, monitoring, and control.


  • Strong frame constructed of 11 GA Steel
  • Rigid bold together contruction
  • True ANSI design and competitive dimensions
  • Standardized configurations of sections
  • Electrostatically deposited powder coat paint
  • High short circuit and short time bus withstand ratings
  • High ampacity rating for main and section bus
  • Reversible door design, frong and rear doors can be hinged on the right or left sides
  • Silver plated copper bus supplied as standard
  • Rear bolted covers or rear hinged doors
  • Overhead or floor lifing device for breakers
  • UL 1558 Recognized - UR
  • Made in the USA