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JOKAB Focus II Safety Light Curtains and Grids | Meets the highest level of safety


If your company is concentrating on machine safety to protect your employees and manufacturing operations, then you need the new Focus II Safety Light Curtains and Light Grids. The latest in a long list of machine safety innovations from ABB JOKAB SAFETY, the Focus product line is designed to be the most control reliable and dependable presence sensing devices on the market today.

  • Offers unsurpassed ease of installation with quick connects and custom adjustable brackets
  • Both Focus II Light Curtains and Grids meet the highest level of safety and have received all necessary national and international approvals
  • Focus II Safety Light Curtains off all available features in a single unit reducing inventory costs
  • Built-in muting capabilities provides muting flexibility with inputs for partial or complete muting
  • Every Focus comes standard with LEDs for easy alignment and indication of pollution and power supply
  • Standard with bypass lamp supervision, automatic or manual supervised reset, two supervised PNP safety outputs with cross-circuit monitoring, single/double break function, and M12 connections
  • Focus offers standard features such as muting and override--as well as blanking and break functions
  • External Device Monitoring (EDM) function available which allows Focus to test if the external control element responds correctly
  • Focus comes standard with a pre-reset function for increased operator safety for applicationsConnection cable - standard 10m 4 conductor
  • Constructed from polyurethane black, 68 +/- Shore A
Focus II Safety Light Curtains
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