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JOKAB CONTACT SAFETY MATS | Certified According to EN 1760-1


ABB's Jokab Contact Safety Mat is used for safeguarding sections in hazardous areas around machines, presses, robots, and other types of active equipment. When conntected to a suitable monitoring system, stepping on the mat surface triggers a control signal to the stop circuit of the potentially hazardous motion. This fast contact occurs due to the area switch design on the inside of the mat.

  • Can be connected to a safety relay, Vital or Pluto
  • Very durable
  • IP 67
  • Slip-free surface
  • UL 508 and CSA C22.2 no. 14
  • Resistant to oil, greases - good 10% acid - 10% lye - resistant
  • Temperature range: -10° C to +55° C
  • 24V 100mA
  • Connection cable - standard 10m 4 conductor
  • Constructed from polyurethane black, 68 +/- Shore A
Safety Mat without Integrated Trim Safety Mat with Integrated Trim
Material Number Material Description Material Number Material Description
2TLA858002R3800 Safety Mat w/o trim 24"x24" 2TLA858002R5600 Safety Mat w trim 24"x24"
2TLA858002R3900 Safety Mat w/o trim 24"x30" 2TLA858002R5700 Safety Mat w trim 24"x30"
2TLA858002R4000 Safety Mat w/o trim 24"x36" 2TLA858002R5800 Safety Mat w trim 24"x36"
2TLA858002R4100 Safety Mat w/o trim 24"x42" 2TLA858002R5900 Safety Mat w trim 24"x42"
2TLA858002R4200 Safety Mat w/o trim 24"x48" 2TLA858002R6000 Safety Mat w trim 24"x48"
2TLA858002R4300 Safety Mat w/o trim 24"x60" 2TLA858002R6100 Safety Mat w trim 24"x60"
2TLA858002R4400 Safety Mat w/o trim 30"x30" 2TLA858002R6200 Safety Mat w trim 30"x30"
2TLA858002R4500 Safety Mat w/o trim 30"x36" 2TLA858002R6300 Safety Mat w trim 30"x36"
2TLA858002R4600 Safety Mat w/o trim 30"x42" 2TLA858002R6400 Safety Mat w trim 30"x42"
2TLA858002R4700 Safety Mat w/o trim 30"x48" 2TLA858002R6500 Safety Mat w trim 30"x48"
2TLA858002R4800 Safety Mat w/o trim 36"x36" 2TLA858002R6600 Safety Mat w trim 36"x36"
2TLA858002R4900 Safety Mat w/o trim 36"x42" 2TLA858002R6700 Safety Mat w trim 36"x42"
2TLA858002R5000 Safety Mat w/o trim 36"x48" 2TLA858002R6800 Safety Mat w trim 36"x48"
2TLA858002R5100 Safety Mat w/o trim 36"x60" 2TLA858002R6900 Safety Mat w trim 36"x60"
2TLA858002R5200 Safety Mat w/o trim 42"x42" 2TLA858002R7000 Safety Mat w trim 42"x42"
2TLA858002R5300 Safety Mat w/o trim 42"x48" 2TLA858002R7100 Safety Mat w trim 42"x48"
2TLA858002R5400 Safety Mat w/o trim 48"x48" 2TLA858002R7200 Safety Mat w trim 48"x48"
2TLA858002R5500 Safety Mat w/o trim 48"x60" 2TLA858002R7300 Safety Mat w trim 48"x60"

Note: Custom non-stocked Safety Mats are available upon request.

Material Number Material Description
2TLA858002R7400 Safety Mat Trim Corner Conn.
2TLA858002R7500 Safety Mat Alum. Trim (by the inch)
2TLA858002R7600 Safety Mat Demo Sample